by FAR the the absolute funniest thing I have ever seen.

Tonight me and Alisha went to Uncle Bucks after our workout and went out with a bunch of my coworkers/bosses.  So we decided to head home a little after 11 and walked out of Buckies and head to my car.  As we approach my car we see a guy and girl around the front of my car.  As we get closer I say “whoa…what do we have here” — thinking that they are just making out or something funny like that (because what classy girl doesn’t make out in the parking lot).  Right after this, we get to my car and see a woman in her 30’s with her pants to her ankles and a guy with his pants down just a getting her up the tail end!  I immediately scream “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!”  Alisha then screams “OOOOOOOHHHHHHH!”.  The girl (while not breaking stride with her flavor of the week) calmly says “Just turn your eyes, just turn your eyes”.  I immediately fumble with my keys, ABSOLUTELY DIEING laughing and manage to get us in the car.  At that point we put the keys in the ignition.  Now I have a car that the headlights turn on automatically.  We are now spotlighting the 11 o’clock show.  WE CANNOT stop laughing.  Alisha even exclaimed as we got to our neighborhood “Good thing I got my new inhaler today!”  HA HIlarious!  We laughed the whole way home and as we have called ALL of our extended family, we are now still laughing and sharing this with you.

Hope this brings joy to your lives.


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trail training

So I’ve been convinced to get back into running.  I ran alot in college and had built quite the stamina and endurance….well that’s all gone to hell in a handbasket nowadays.

Yesterday was my big day to begin training.  I got all geared up, had my IPod on my arm (rocking to some sweet 80’s tunes), hair braided, headband in, etc…I was lookin the part.  I headed out to Lake of the Woods in Mahomet, they have a great trail out there that marks each .10th of a mile for you.  I start out on my 3.6 run, and i’m doin good.  I finish my first mile around the 9 minute mark…and I’m thinkin I’m amazing.  Then I get to the up-hill portion of my run.  Death.  My “amazing” pace started to dwindle untill I come face to face with my biggest fear EVER.  A deer.  It literally stopped me dead in my tracks.  I looked around for someone to help and noone was around.  I chose to stand extremely still and wait til the rest of my group caught up to me (yeah that’s right, at this point i was still leading the run).  Luckily when they came up the path it scared the psycho deer away and i could start to breathe again.  After all of this we came to the end of the 3.6 and I was ablaze.  I quickly realized that the pace i started out with had been quite ambitious.

Nevertheless, it was great to get back out there.  I’m going to be competing in a 5K in a few weeks and a half marathon a little further down the road.

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Fireworks on the 5th…??

Naturally it would be sucky weather here in Central Illinois on a holiday people spend outside.  This of course ruins all plans…including postponing the Mahomet Freedom Fest Fireworks show.

Nevertheless I went on the 5th with my dear pal Lauren and LOVED IT.  Okay so for those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know whats cool and probably already know about some of the highlights.  However for those of you who haven’t seen the light yet, let me recap:

  1. Abe Lincoln trivia at the Main Stage.  You can bet I was all over that.  Even got the trick question.
  2. All the little children running around with no parents, because it is just that small of a town.
  3. The only lights (besides the fireworks) are the strings of lights hung from tree to tree and posts.  So small town-ish.
  4. The only music being blasted from the loud speakers is country music circa old School.  AKA Patsy Cline and the likes.  And if it happened to not be country it was Classic Rock circa John Cougar.
  5. Once the fireworks started everyone was on their blankets around the lake and we proudly listened to every patriotic song you can imagine.

It was quite the experience.  You may or may not know it but I’m secretly quite the patriotic american.  I love america and all the chessy patriotic things people do.  This year’s festivities were great, as opposed to how I usually watch fireworks from someone’s yard or truck bed in the countryside of Clintucky.

So here’s to you Mahomet Freedom Fest.  You served me well.

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Hope you’ve caught my throw-back shout out to Clueless with the title of this blog.   So, I used to blog.  Quite a bit actually when I was a senior in college.  Then for whatever reason I quit.  I’d like to inform all you faithful Google Reader subscribers that…

I’m back.  and with a vengeance.

I’ve decided to get back in touch with the web and start posting all the hilarity that I call my life.

So check back for many great stories.
Heres a quick pic/advice to tide you over….it’s july and i’m using a heater in the office.  Quick Note: (and this one’s for free…might wanna write it down)

Don’t put your arm so close to the heater that when you move you make contact.
sweet heater grid on my arm

K?  tuck that away for a cold day.

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